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HOLY F*CK, this guy is AMAZING! Let me tell you, I’ve been on a lot of different bootcamps and of ALL the people I’ve ever seen he is in the TOP 3 PUA’s I’ve ever seen live.

The top 3 I’ve ever seen are ****y, a friend of mine who is a Natural and Nick Sparks. Nick was doing demos crazier than ****y. It’s that constant consistent sick Nimbus-ON quality where the most ridiculous things start happening in field out of nowhere and you are like “Wow, wtf is going on??? That SHOULDN’T have worked, that girl just came out of NOWHERE.” He could (and did) go up to girls saying something retarded like “nice tits” and they are eating out of his hand. Watching his demos on the first night alone was worth the price of admission by itself.

DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid nor asked to say this. But really want to see him succeed and want more guys to feel what I felt that weekend.

I’m stuttering bad, bad body language, totally out of it and YET, girls are hooked begging us to stay. So I go open up another group of girls asking the difference between cougars and pumas. The girl hates me. No girl likes being called a Cougar. 

Bad move but then Nick comes in and it’s ridiculous, they are eating out of his hand. It’s amazing to see this firsthand. Another cool thing is that after every approach/demo that he does or we do, he comes back and tells us EXACTLY what he did or what we could do to make it better. It was positive feedback. You can really tell he cares about his students. 

So why did I choose Nick? I could have spent 8 months going out by myself trying to get my mojo back, but instead I wanted to fast track it with Nick and get a good kick in the ass. I took this bootcamp because I needed a refresher and wanted to get my love for the game back again after getting rusty in a few relationships. And I really got more than that. It’s fun to game again and Nick showed me how easy it was after (me being in my head for the last few months).

A big secret out there is that a lot of bootcamps are just guys who just force you into sets and make you approach and the instructor can’t do anything else. Nick was backing it up with demos and it wasn’t high pressure to approach sets. We would ALL take turns, even Nick so there was no pressure to talk to XXX sets. In turn we wanted to approach. 

With him in set demoing, it was OBVIOUS to see everything that I need to be doing, know I should be doing, but was NOT doing. It was amazing, Kino, escalating, being sexual, opening, transitioning, vibing, teasing, cold reading, closing, all without being creepy/weird or being a persona. I would highly recommend working with him before he blows up and charges $5000 a weekend.

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  1. Bix

    I was an absolute nooblet with respect to pickup. I had never been to a bootcamp, and I think I had officially “opened” only a handful of times prior to Nick Spark’s bootcamp. Obviously, all of this was about to change with the pending bootcamp. Going into it, I had only 2 expectations: 1) that I would learn something and 2) that I would screw something up and it’s totally ok.

    What was so great about the workshop was that I also took away a baseline for how I can proceed with pickup: the fundamentals. In any team sport, one of the most important aspects is how well the members of the team know and use the fundamentals of the sport. Pickup is no different. Nick hammered through what it would take theoretically to build up confidence and then to have the proper perspective. But he didn’t just stop there. He gave us tools to help us realign ourselves when things went bad. And, he demonstrated these tools in action. I think the biggest benefit from the bootcamp was that I received first-hand demonstration of exactly how Nick operated. And I received it after both the theory and the tools. And finally, he gently nudged me into women to get me to try them out. The combination of everything is transforming.

    For those that don’t know Nick or have not met him yet, I would simply like to say that they’re missing out. He’s a fun guy and has a good view on life. I found myself wanting to talk about things outside of pickup just because. In terms of the actual ideas presented, I think they were all laid out well. I think it’s critical that the first night be a confidence building event with successes that defy expectations. We had that, and it carried me through the weekend and even into the following week.

    For me personally, I was able to kiss-close for the first time, and number-close for the first time after having only ever successfully opened maybe 1 or 2 women. Moving from opening to closing was phenomenal for me. And one of the best things about it was that a majority of the problems I had are all things I know I can fix. This is a huge thing because prior to the boot-camp, not only did I not know if I could fix them, I also had trouble identifying them. Fundamentals are so important. But, the best moment for me during the night was actually closing for the first time, and not once but twice. I had never done it before, and I knew that I had done extremely well when I did it. I also knew I could do it again, and I think that was the best part of the entire weekend: I got results that went beyond my expectations.

    Thank you, Nick!

  2. Stephen

    Have you ever had a difficult time approaching women? If approached by a woman, would you ever wonder what to say? I often struggled with many aspects of women until I met Nick Sparks. It was not until I met Nick that my life drastically changed. Through Nick’s workshops and going out to the bar with him, I learned so much about talking to women and overcoming approach anxiety.

    When I first met Nick in a club, I was truly amazed. This guy not only has major skill in talking to women, he has the gift of teacher others. Not only was there considerable professionalism, there was great sincerity into what was being taught.

    Learning from Nick not only taught me how to approach women, it taught me things of myself. To all the men out there inspiring to be better at attracting the opposite sex and learning more about themselves, take a trip around the block with Nick Sparks and watch where it takes you!

  3. J

    I did not know what to expect since this was my first boot camp. I took Nick’s boot camp based on one of my good friend’s recommendation. Once the details were finalized, Nick briefed me about the weekend, what to expect, and sent me pre-questionnaires in very professional manner.

    The first night, he went over basics of approaching. His theme was ‘let’s just have fun with this and see what happens’. Nick constantly encouraged and coached me into sets. We both did awesome hitting up some top venues in town. The second night, he went over more materials then we hit up some local bars. After couple of hard blow outs, I started being more inside my head. However, Nick saw this and continued to encourage me into sets as well as be in sets himself. The third night, we went balls out and had great night at the local night club.
    I couldn’t initially tell what he was doing in sets. Only thing I saw was that he went into sets with super warm smile, and had people laughing in seconds. It can’t be that hard, right?

    Then I start seeing some unbelievable stuff like five minute make outs and number closing a girl in a line after we got kicked out of a bar! The crowning achievement was seeing him pulling a girl for a SNL after getting blown out and kicked out of bars. And all these were happening at tough, loud dance clubs!


    In my opinion, Nick embodies what we all know but have hard time making part of us, both providing constant positive energy to people around him and being totally un-needy/non-reaction seeking. He really didn’t care what other people thought and he was just enjoying the moment.

    I have heard there is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I believe Nick is one of the few who is walking the path. I would recommend his boot camp to anyone.

  4. Josef

    If I had to sum up my experience with Nick sparks in one word, it would be: exciting!!! I had no idea.

  5. Aminou

    it’s true. Girls actually go for looks more than guys. They’re ultra picky just baucese society makes the guys go after the girls, so they (women) gain this ego from being sought after so much. This ego makes them think they’re so hot, you see it all the time on myspace pages with those stupid slogans (Your girls turn heads, my girls break necks) lol what a bunch of dumb ho’s.


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