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Vin DiCarlo – Drills Bootcamp Review

I did drills with the instructor Orleans, was a great experience, and Orleans was a great teacher. we did not use any lines or routines (as it says in the marketing) the drills cover pretty much everything you need to be a good PUA. Now I did not get great overnight and the bootcamp was pretty tough, but it gave me a good understanding and has definitely cut my learning curve. If your going to do a bootcamp I would recommend it.

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Carlos Xuma – Alpha Sexual Power Review

Alpha Sexual Power summary in one word. Escalate. Save your money from this horrific product. Carlos Xuma is a marketer period. His brand is being an “alpha”, not that he can teach it (in my opinion). I admit that there are guys out there that believe in Carlos Xuma and his products, but I’m not one of them.